Living in Hamburg

Living in Hamburg

Here you will find comprehensive information about life in the Hanseatic city: from finding accommodation and education and childcare options to healthcare and mobility in Hamburg.

First steps in Hamburg

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Living in Hamburg

First Steps in Hamburg

Administrative procedures in Germany and thus also in Hamburg seem complicated at first. But a planned procedure ensures step by step that you will soon have all the necessary documents in your hands and that your professional and private new start in Hamburg will be successful.

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Living in Hamburg

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Learning German

Language skills are important for making friends, building your career and feeling at home in your new city. We will show you various ways in which you can learn German in Hamburg.

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Kids and family

Here you will find information for your life as a family in Hamburg: from childcare to the school system to financial aid and counselling options.

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Housing and Mobility

In this section you will find information and practical tips on all aspects of housing, transport and mobility in Hamburg. From finding accommodation and registering in the city to the various options for getting around - your questions will be answered here.

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Health and insurance

Here you will find a variety of articles on health and insurance topics: You will find information on social insurance as well as medical assistance and care in Hamburg.


Banc Account and Taxes

Here you will find information about financial matters, such as the tax system in Germany and how to set up a bank account.

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Study in Hamburg

Here international students in Hamburg can find information on various topics such as financing their studies, health insurance and housing in the Hanseatic city.