Residence permit

Residence permits

Persons from third countries can apply for a residence permit for a long-term stay in Hamburg. There are different residence permits and requirements depending on the purpose of the stay.


EU Blue Card

Foreign nationals with a university degree or similar qualification who wish to work in Germany may apply for an EU Blue Card, which grants extended rights and benefits and makes fulfilling the conditions for a long-term stay in Germany simpler.


Residence permit for employment

If you want to live and work in Germany, you need a residence permit with a work permit.


Residence permit for job seeking

You can apply for a job seeker's residence permit if you hold an accredited degree and wish to find qualified employment in Germany.


Residence permit for self-employment

You want to set up a business in Germany as a foreign national? Get the right permit.


Residence permit for researchers

Foreign nationals who are planning to work as a researcher in Germany should apply for a residence permit that states this purpose.


ICT Card

The ICT Card is a supplementary residence permit to facilitate intra-corporate transfers of third-country nationals and intra-European mobility.


Residence Permit for the recognition of professional qualifications

Would you like to work in Germany as a professional from abroad, but you do not have (full) recognition of your foreign qualifications for a residence permit for employment? Then, under certain conditions, you may be eligible for a residence permit for the recognition of professional qualifications.


FAQ on the Opportunity Card

Foreigners who have been tolerated for many years (through a 'Duldung') are to be given more chances to obtain a right to stay in Germany in the future ('Chancen-Aufenthaltsrecht').



Residence Permit for Students

If you're a foreign national planning to study in Germany, you'll need a residence permit that states this purpose. Find out how to apply.


Residence permit for participation in a language course

When is it possible to stay in Germany to do a language course? Find out here.



Family Reunification

To enable families to live together in Germany, family members can apply for a residence permit.


Au pair stays

Would you like to know when you can come to Germany as an au pair? Then you can find more information here.


Permanent residence and naturalisation

Settlement permit

A settlement permit entitles the holder to unlimited residence and employment in Germany. It can only be issued under certain conditions.


Permanent EC Residence

Foreign nationals with the permanent EC resident status enjoy greater mobility options inside and outside the European Union.



Apply for German citizenship and enjoy the right to vote, consular protection and unrestricted access to the labour market.