Forms and checklists

Forms and checklists for residence permits

Would you like to apply for a residence permit in Hamburg or extend your existing permit, but don't know which documents you need? We have prepared checklists for you that list exactly which documents you need to submit. You can also download important forms and templates directly from this page.

Submit application

You can submit your application to the Hamburg Welcome Center or the local Hamburg Service for Foreigners' Affairs.

Use the Hamburg residence permit online service for this.

Here you can submit the application and your documents in compliance with data protection regulations. You can also find out which immigration office is responsible for you. 

Book an appointment

You should then be able to book your appointment. If this function is not available, the immigration office will notify you of your appointment.

If the Hamburg Welcome Center is responsible for your application, you can make an appointment after using the online service by calling +49 40 428 39-5500.


Residence permits

Depending on the purpose of your stay (work, study, language course, etc.), various documents are required to apply for a residence permit.

Foreign documents must always be submitted in German. The translation must be carried out by an officially sworn translator. To find a translator, please use the interpreter and translator database.

Detailed information on the respective requirements can be found in the section on residence permits.


Settlement permit and permanent EC residence

Declaration of commitment


Issue/renewal of a residence permit in various languages

Transfer of the residence permit to a new passport

Do you have a valid residence permit and have received a new passport?

In this case, you must have a new card (electronic residence permit, eAT for short) issued. This is called a "transfer" ('Übertrag'), as the new passport number will be transferred to your new card (eAT). The current card still refers to the old passport.

Antrag auf Übertragung:

Additional Form for transfer

You can find more information in our article Transfer your residence permit to a new passport.


Declaration of marriage

Proof of sufficient health insurance cover (for private health insurance)

Foreign nationals without statutory health insurance must prove adequate private health insurance coverage.

  • residence of more than twelve months: Annex 1
  • residence up to twelve months: Annex 2
  • residence up to 180 days: Annex 3

Further information can be found in the article on proof of sufficient health insurance cover.

Templates for tax consultants and auditors